Have an Auction Party!!

@indywahm (808)
United States
June 14, 2007 4:15am CST
Do you sell on ebay?? This is a great way to find items to sell on ebay. Throw a party and invite all of your friends and relatives and tell them to bring all of their stuff they would like for you to sell on ebay. This is a great alternative to the direct sales party, because you are not selling to them they are. You just tell them to bring their stuff and you sell it for them. You need to do some research and see about what to charge them and have all of the info ready. Print out the listing and final value fees for ebay. This gives you different items to sell and gives your friends and relatives an easy way to make money. ( You can make alot of money at this ,too) You could have themed parties. Like for example: Retro Saturday! All of the guests should bring their retro items they do not want. Like 80's style clothing that is still hanging in their closet. Send out invitations , play 80's music, snack and reminense at the same time you are getting stuff to list. Another example is to have a Cooks Bash and everything they bring for you to sell should have to do with cooking. This is a great way for them to clean out their kitchen of unused kitchen ware, small appliances, cookbooks, and more. The possiblities of theme parties is endless. Make sure that you tell them what you can sale and not sale. Also if they bring something that you think will not sale - Tell Them!
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