Build a Bigger Customer List

@indywahm (808)
United States
June 14, 2007 4:38am CST
Some businesses need only a few good customers , others need many, and most need more than they have now. A business that continues to grow is a prosperous one. Whether your business is a new one or a well established one, here are a few tips to expand your customer list. Create a plan or goal. Say you want to end the year with 50 more good customers you need to plan on how you will get them. If you need to contact your customers by phone make sure you are doing it at a time when they will be least busy. Or have that be one of the things you find out about them in the beginning ~ "What are the best times for me to call you?". Be sure to reach out to businesses that might allow you to leave some of your flyers, catalogs, or business cards in their waiting areas. Businesses like beauty shops, barbers, laundries, etc. If you have a business that is geared towards babies than keep an eye out in the local paper for newborns. If you have a business that might be geared towards marriage then keep and eye out in your local paper for the engagement announcements. The list can go on and on ,just use your brain and the local newspaper. Keep careful track of all of your prospects. When they become a customer put their info in the customer file. Always ask your customers for referrals. They can suggest you to others also.
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