June 14, 2007 8:22am CST
Have always thougt it to be the best stadium in Europe . What do you think.
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19 Jun 07
As others have said, great for atmosphere... In terms of facilities, unfortunately it's way off and behind the times. But with the new stadium being built, we will see the best club stadium in the world, with the best atmosphere in Europe (would say the world, but have you seen those Brazilian supporters....X) )
14 Jun 07
It is definatley the best for atmosphere especially on European nights. I was lucky enough to go to all the Champions League home games this season, got a Fan Card. Chelsea was amazin atmosphere. Couldn't speak properly afterwards was a great night.
14 Jun 07
For atmosphere, hands down winner! Having been to Camp Nou, yes it is a great stadium but nothing beats a great european night at Anfield :D