Non-believers are going to TRUE Christians unite! get them to heaven!

June 14, 2007 2:00pm CST
argument: if a building was on fire, a window, and a ladder, a person who is NOT a true christian would NOT help a person stuck inside now, dont take this offensivly, see where im going with this. the bible tells us that non believers are going to hell, as simple as that. for someone not to at least TRY to convince someone to turn into a christian, you are basicly damning them to hell. i think that if your a TRUE christian, christianity is not only part of your life, it is your life. and, if you follow the teachings of the bible, especially mark 15-16, which says that you should go out into the world and spread the good news of the bible, then you have an obligation to share that faith with others. unfortunatly, by people not following the rules as stated above, (if your a true christian) it is basicly like just standing their when you can help the person in the fire with that ladder. by not seeing the issue, they just stand their. most christians are not well educated on their own religions postition on some issues. they consider jesus as part of their lives but not the main part of their lives, and true christianity, considers jesus as the primary purpose. if you are a true christian, you believe, that unbelievers are going to hell, and hell is not a good place. if you believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and if you believe that what they believe is going to earn their place in an eternity of fire, then thers a problem with that, its kind of like you KNOW that they are burning in the building, but not trying to help them. there is a problem with that, and its weird. if you REALLY believe that non-believers are going to hell, then that is a really serius consequence and if you dont take that seriusly, i think your compremising your own beliefs, and you may end up in hell as well. you shouldnt take rejeciton too hard, but consider it as if you gave them a fighting chance, a fighting chance for heaven. even if you hafto risk offending someone, or risking a friendship. its a matter of priorities. IF i were a christian, i would follow this. i respect people who take the their beliefs seriusly. and if i truely believed that there is a heaven and there is a hell, i would want everyone to go to heaven. but im an atheist.
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@suspenseful (40316)
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14 Jun 07
That scenerio works if man could force you to be a Christian and if by your own will, you can become a Christian. Also if by threatening someone, or offering them joy and happiness and the good life, you can persuade someone to become a Christian. This is what most Christian believes, except for Calvanists - that is Presbyterian and Reformed. They believe that God opens up one's heart and creates the desire to be one. Not only that God has determined from the beginning of time who will be saved before they are born. Using that as a basis, unless these were chosen by God to be his sons and daughters, they will not go to heaven. It does not matter whether you offer them a million dollars, rule of the world, everything they want. It does not matter if you threaten to kill them if they do not become a Christian (that is where atheists and non=believers get confused. Just because you have the name of Christian, does not make you one. A true Christian would never force someone to become one. True parents are to instruct their children in the Lord and make them go to Church, but once the child is an adult, he is his own person and if God had not called him, he will no longer go to Church or chose a false one.) That is the only exception. With this in mind, you cannot force a non=believer because he does not want to be saved and what would heaven be like if it was like here on earth with all the troubles?