High tech toys or good old fashioned made up fun?

United States
June 14, 2007 3:20pm CST
My little girl used to love playing with her computer. But that is quickly becoming a thing of the past, since she found the new love of her life, our cat! She totes this poor cat around like a baby, and dotes on her like a good mommy. I know that she is just expressing her tender side and practicing at being a mommy. But sometimes I wish she'd go back to the high tech toys, for learning sake. Which do your kids prefer, computer and Internet games, or good old fashioned made up fun? Please share.
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15 Jun 07
With my little one, it's the dog. That poor dog sure gets "tortured" by all his loving! He loves to sit on her, pull her tail, hug her, etc. Mine loves high tech toys but at the same time, also likes simple things that just require imagination. He likes to pretend that his pieces of food are airplanes. He will "fly" them in the air saying "airplane, airplane" before eating them! LOL!!
@FSCAries (881)
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14 Jun 07
Well I think that depends on the age of the child. Computers are good and all, but actual child's play and having make believe and coming up with new things... that's all great for a child's imagination and can encourage great creativity.