Wisdom teeth and swelling

United States
June 14, 2007 4:15pm CST
I've been really irritated for the past week. I've had swelling and alot of pain in my mouth, so I went to the dentist. They xrayed my mouth and said that I need my wisdom teeth out....Would my wisdom teeth even cause my mouth to swell? I have to get them out tomorrow, and im scared to death. Ive gotten regular teeth pulled, root lengthening, fillings, etc...but for some reason, the thought of getting my wisdom teeth pulled HORRIFIES me. I have a huge phobia of throwing up, and i've heard of some people throwing up after getting theirs pulled because of the blood. Ive also heard that you have GAPING holes in your mouth for a long time, and that it takes FOREVER for your mouth to heal after getting them pulled. Can someone PLEASE ease my mind about this. :(
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