Was the WWE DRAFT fair 2 Smackdown and ECW ????

Bobby Lashley - Drafted 2 Raw
Saudi Arabia
June 14, 2007 5:39pm CST
Hi everybody, once again we meet... I guess the wwe DRAFT has strengthened Raw on the expense of the other two brands Smackdown and ECW. Raw having Mr. Kennedy, Lashley, Booker T and Sinitsky would make it some show really. I guess Smackdown wasn't that lucky, I never liked Khali and despite my deep respect for the nature boy i guess Smackdown needed other names as well especially they've lost some big superstars like Mr. Kennedy, Benoit, Booker T and Boogeyman. True ECW gained Benoit but lost Lashley. U see ? all in all Raw won. It should have been different in my point of view. What do you guys think ???
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22 Sep 07
Yeha I agrre, I think it isnt far, on smackdown or ecw.
• Saudi Arabia
24 Sep 07
Good 2 see u here my friend, I replied also to your discussion on ECW titles a couple of days ago, I think we share the same views here, thanx 4 ur response ...
@redfang (969)
15 Jun 07
The draft has not yet finished there is also going to be something done online at wwe.com so i have read, in the end i would guess they will even it out for all the brands, it's not really fair how it has been left as you say with smackdown and ecw loosing out to raw when raw is already the premier brand, though i am uncertain as to wether they will keep ecw going for much longer, it isn't the same as it used to be and fans can see that plus they are getting rid of person after person in that brand so i am thinking that they may at some point in the near future stop ecw all together, i could of course be totally wrong but i think it would be a good thing as now it's a mockery of what it used to be vince really pushed it down the pan.
• Saudi Arabia
16 Jun 07
Well ECW could have been better, if they kept Lashely and Sinitsky, ECW needed a couple of superstars who are not fully utilised by their brand. Look at people like Helmz from Smackdown he is a good candidate, Great Khali from Raw he would be okey for ECW. Honestly, there have been lotta stuff in the wwe i am not satisfied with lately, very lengthy and boring reign of Cena, the intercontinental belt with Santino, the script in some matches $.u.C.k.e.d I guess Vince despite his talent and effort he really pushed it down. Thank you for the response.
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
14 Jun 07
The draft in my opinion was really unfair to smackdown they lost a lot of good wrestlers like Chris Benoit King Booker and Mr Kenedy pretty much 3 big guys they lost and they were lacking already in star power and they didnt even get any main eventers wich is what they need. If they had gotten cm punk and jeff Hardy I would of been satisfied with and happy and that would of made up for there losses now smackdown is a whole lot worse then what it was hopefully they will get at least some good wrestlers in the suplimental draft.
• Saudi Arabia
16 Jun 07
I guess Mcmahon's favourite has been always Raw. If we took a look at the the three brands Raw, Smackdown and ECW lately, we may easily conclude that Smackdown has been the best, in everything. But look at any pay per view, you'd see the finale or the main event is a match from Raw. Look at Wrestlemania 23, Batista x Undertaker was a big match and should have been the main event but Raw match was selected instead and this seems true for every pay per view. Anyway, after the draft Raw gained so much I mean even ECW had been weakened after Lashley's departure. Let's wait and see, I heard there will be more draft happening. Thanx 4 the response very much.