Your past and your current relation

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@magica (3710)
June 14, 2007 11:43pm CST
When you are in relation, what is your typical method? Do you try to avoid the model of partner you have been before with or you try to find somebody similar? Do you struggle with the shadow of the past and how?
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
20 Jun 07
i do not have to struggle with the shadow of the past because there is really nothing's already been done and over but you cannot erase the past ,we are not like computers which you can delete anytime.we are human beings and we remember things and that is not a sin ,there is nothing wrong if you talk about it because i wouldn't be me today if not from my past experiences.
• United States
15 Jun 07
Hello Magica, I think that we get attracted to a model that we have preset in our minds - for example, my past and present boy friends had one thing in common and that is that they don't like spending hours on end in front of the TV watching sports. They are very educated and can maintain a good, interesting yet funny conversation... Now, I don't go asking men if they can do that but, obviously I am attracted to those qualities. Unfortunately we all tend to compare between relationships even if we do it in our minds - for good or for worse! Best wishes, Magdalena