Agoraphobia and Homeopathy... Have you used Homeopathy?

June 15, 2007 1:16am CST
I did learn something very important about agoraphobia. I could not figure out what had caused the agoraphobia problem in the first place. And I had the whole thing the wrong way around. It is actually anxiety which trigger agoraphobia... when your anxiety becomes too much to cope with. In turn... like in my case... the agoraphobia triggers stress as well. So now I understand it. But I am still looking for a way to cure it. Homeopathy has been suggested by a fiend of mine. Does any of you have used homeopathy?
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• Philippines
16 Jun 07
i have this problem about being panicky, too. it is good that it has never developed to the level as yours. getting so much stress from out of it is really killing me sometimes. i have encountered some suggestions about anxiety meditation here on mylot. i will be doing it to relieve me of the unwanted stress. these stresses are such heavy load on our mental and physical health. as for homeopathy, this is another term that i have just come across. i will have to take some research on the matter yet. if your friend sats that that is good for us, then that is most probably something to consider. i do not like to have more medicines to take. i am open to things like meditations, exercises and mental conditioning.
@pyewacket (44036)
• United States
19 Jun 07
Like you I have anxiety disorder with agoraphobia...although I'd like to think I'm overcoming my problem---there was one point I was completely housebound, but thank goodness, no longer and haven't been for many years--I'm not too keen on medications for anxiety issues--they are not really recommended for long term use, and are highly addictive. I've never heard of homeopathy treatment for agoraphobia, and the thing is, even if one did use it, one would probably have to use it for the rest of there lives...I think I suggested in your other discussion about agoraphobia as you were curious as whether there were other phobics here--I suggested getting Lucinda Bassett's "Attacking Anxiety" 15-tape's what's helped me tremendously...they also have a discussion forum of fellow phobics and you can be in touch with others like yourself