Strangeness and Familiarity

@mari123 (1862)
June 15, 2007 8:35am CST
Not long time ago I come here which is my new company . One month has past before I sit here write. So many things would be happened with rule and other things would be happened with ruleless?I am not sure whether I am susceptivity for someone who makes me strangeness and familiarity. We met before two years ago; he was my colleagues at that time, but, he left that company after I enter that company 3 months ago. Nothing touch can be done between him and me in this 2 years. Now due to his recommend, we are colleagues again in new company and in the same department. However, we are still a stranger. We don’t talk and no cooperation in this time. Now this kind of special fear feeling which produces in 2 years ago still exists in my heart when I meet him or see him. I really don’t know whether this is a love, since love always makes one fear. I select escape and forget to my brain after I feel he always keeps away from my sides or unwilling to face to me directly. Open my eyes with thinking to survey him and me, I know and can understand we are in the environment, I am a new comer and nothing like him clue can be implied for him, he recommended me and is unable to take some quality action to me, because of his fear feeling for me either. These complex ideals can be dealt with time in future I know. However, we are in current, we are colleague and friend. So, smile should be kept for us and to do work with nature. He will act as my leader role in future work, ignore him, I must adjust myself to treat my work which will be assigned by him. Some advice sentence should be given by me, but, I know I don’t want to do that; promise cannot be act as the focus role between me and him during this time. Because we are still strangeness and familiarity at least by far. Things should be simple. For him, simple is still need, except vague opinion. I am convinced that we are become a good friend and greatest cooperation partner in upcoming days. Good Luck for us.
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