America. The worlds oasis? Part One. The introduction.

June 15, 2007 11:44am CST
I'm from a very small country, rich in heritage and culture, The Bahamas. Since we are but a Superman's rock throw away from Florida, which many of us frequent on a daily basis, it's hard for us to not be directly affected by the persona of America, everyday I see how we are getting vacuumed into the culture, luxuries, and the image America portrays. Now, I consider myself well grounded, and I share a desired interest in a broad scope of world events. None of which America is NOT a part of; allbeit directly or indirectly. The war in Iraq, the North Korea tyrant, the volitility of the whole entire middle east, the Cuba saga of when Castro will eventually die, the price of gas, and so on. Still, America in many eyes is looked upon as the Worlds Big Oasis (hey i'm an aspiring writer, sounds like a good book title to me.) Say what we may, but America and what goes on inside, affects the world and believe me the world relishes in it. What is interesting though, and this is what I love about America so much, is that there is a certain dream to live, that can only be lived there. Freedom of speech, unheard of in many countries, a politcal and legal system that is un matched, more opportunities to be a millionaire too, etc. Think about it, many immigrants make America home, than americans make other countries home, and why? Because there are so many opportunities to be somebody, not saying you can't make it in your own country, but from my observation, and this is my own opinion, people out of work in america who are able to work, just dont want to, seriously. I mean online jobs, the legit ones of course, Ebay, government grants, Welfare, you name it, i feel that a part from a true homeless person, and the sick and dissabled, there's enough money in america for EVERYBODY! But as they say the rich get richer and well the know the rest. While this is just an intro to only a tip off an Alaskin sized iceberg I plan to write about, and i lightly salted a few areas i will look at, take the time to ponder this discussion as I move forward to PART TWO shortly.
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15 Jun 07
I agree totally with your Part One. I come from a developing Asian country and I'm living here now in the States as a Permanent Resident married to an American. This is truly the land of the free and the land of the blessed. Unfortunately, not many Americans think so. All they do is criticize the government, lament about their lives, things around them, etc. Failing to realise it is because they are in America that they can freely criticize the government without persecution, free to worship in any manner they like, free to go out on the streets, dress however they like, free to spend their money however they like, etc. So much freedom that is being taken for granted. Yes, America is not perfect. There will never ever be a perfect government or country. But it sure is a lot better than most countries. That's why like you said..a lot of people want to get into this country compared to Americans leaving it. Seeing from an outsider's point of view who has lived and travelled to many countries around the world, it truly saddens me when I see so many Americans not proud of their government or their country and all that it stands for. Do I agree with everything that goes on in this country? No, of course not. But this is where I call home now and I will never bite the hand that feeds me. This land has given me and my family so much opportunity. I see the blessing everyday in being in such a blessed country. If only those who were born and bred here can see that too. My husband, who is a Marine, tells me all the time how tired he is to hear Americans complaining so much. His comment is "And this is what I risk my life people who live here can go on complaining about the government and life in America. If they are not happy, they should just move to another country".
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20 Jun 07
Though I do agree there is way too much whining about the current state of affairs, and wild metaphors that are currently unrealistic, I do believe that we should as Tennyson stated "to strive and never to yield" when it comes to actual improvements to this country that we call home. As such I will go pick up a picket sign and make a ruckus when Pittsburgh threatens to shut off the bus lines. I will voice my opinions on where I think we need to be and do what I can to facilitate it. But what I won't say is that the country itself is the problem. Just some of the people we choose to lead, and some of the decisions we make collectively and individually.