which is the best friend for you

@mari123 (1862)
June 15, 2007 1:03pm CST
All of us have been surrounded by friends.We are in the habit of calling everybody a friend just because we have shared some happy or unhappy moments with him or just because it happened to exchange some useful words . I am wondering though ,how many of them are real friends. In the past I was under the impression that I had loads of friends.Unfortunately life has taught me that the real friends are very few. To cut the long story short I finally have come to the following conclusion. Real friend is not the one who shares the bad moments with you.Sympathy is very importantt to sooth your friends' misery but it does not mean necessarily real friendship. For me reak friend is the one who is capable of sharing the happy moments of mine. To be more clear I strongly believe that when pain is shared it becomes half but while happiness is shared it becomes double. In the past I had been really naive to believe that my friends would be happy hearing that I had some progress in my life or that I had some achievememts or thart I felt happy with some event. To my disappointment life taught me that all of them or most of them were jealous of me. Some of them disappeared for ever. The conclusion is that my real friends are one or two maybe three.Not more.
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