Co-workers talking behind your back

colleague - just me
June 15, 2007 1:39pm CST
Do your co-workers talk about you behind your back? if yes, does it make your workplace a living hell? Pls. share your opinion about this and of course share your experiences..
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@chengbeb (285)
• Philippines
5 Oct 08
Wherever you go, whatever job you take, there will always be co-workers talking behind your back. Most especially if your doing well in your job. Workplace would be a living hell if you let it go into your system. I've been through this a hundred time or more and what I've learned just let them be. They can't hurt you as long as you're doing the right thing.
@Stiffler07 (1356)
• United States
22 Jul 07
I'm sure people have much to say about me because I'm the boss in my place of work, however I can't say I pay it too much attention to what they have to say. My job is to make sure I get the job done & bring in the money that allows these very same people that are talking about me to support their family. So,with that being said, what they have to say about me, says more about them then it does myself.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
16 Jun 07
I do not think people talk behind my back. If they do so be it. I have lots of more serious things to worry about. It may be horrible to have people talk behind your back, but as long as I am not aware of it it is not hurtful. My opinion is that you should never say anything about someone if you would not repeat it directly to them. I think I follow my own opinion on this