talk it through, or quietly seeth?

June 15, 2007 4:24pm CST
when you are angry or upset with someone, do you talk it through with them, or quietly seeth? personally i hate talking things through as i am afraid of confrontation, talking things out might cause an arguement, and so i quietly seeth and keep things to myself. i don't feel that bottling up anger or hurt is helpful, but this is just the way that i am. how about you guys?
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• United States
15 Jun 07
It's very rare that I get angry or upset with someone. However, when I do, I usually just say 'okay' and let my anger settle first. This gives me the opportunity to think everything out - try to see their side of the situation. During this time, sometimes I may come to the realization that I may have done/said the same thing in their situation. But if it's obvious that I have every right to be angry/upset, I still take the time to chill. After I have calmed down, I'll confront them stating something like..."I don't appreciate you doing this (whatever it may have been)". I don't down-talk them or degrade them. I just let it be known how it made me feel and why it made me feel the way it did. This is also assuming it's something that isn't that great deal of an issue.
@mean_queen (1713)
• Malaysia
15 Jun 07
hey there bobbyjoe~! Well, it kinda varies for me. Sometimes I confront the person straightaway; times when I have no patience for anything..! :P But nowadays I find that I just keep it to myself. I don't feel the need to confront someone every time I'm angry about something because it could be that I'm the one that's unreasonable. Sometimes I think things through and once I feel that I have a reasonable point, I then confront the person. Most of the time I hate confrontation too, but I think it's better for me to let that other person know what's bugging me. :)