Learn to Love Your Leftovers

@asmurthy (2464)
June 15, 2007 6:33pm CST
What do you do with left over of food? Do you eat it the following day after preserving it properly? Or do you give the food to servants Or prepare a new meal out of it?
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@roniroxas (10576)
• Philippines
15 Jun 07
well i do save any leftovers and make it to another meal if it is plenty but if it is just enough for one person i just reheat it and eat it. it is bad to throw food as long as it is not spoiled yet.
@asmurthy (2464)
• India
16 Jun 07
One should not waste food. Thanks for your reply.
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@wdiong (1818)
• Singapore
22 Jun 07
I will normally just reheat the leftovers that has been kept in the fridge or add in extra ingredients to it to make it a more substantial meal. I will not throw food away as I feel it is so wasteful unless it has turned bad already.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
19 Jun 07
Hi. Oh we dont need to learn to love our left overs, we already love them lol. As leftovers come in handy the next day or for a quick snack later on... As long as leftovers are wraped in clean fill or sealed containers and stored properly they are good for the next day...
• United States
18 Jun 07
I prepare all my meals with the next day's meals in mind. Like, one day I'll boil a bunch of eggs. We'll have egg salad sandwich's for lunch, a few deviled eggs with dinner, and cut up the rest to go into a salad the next day. I roast peppers and other veggies the same, and sauces also! It sure makes things easier for me in the long run!
@steven318 (469)
• Malaysia
17 Jun 07
well of coz what we eat also same... never different who is who... servant aslso people... we must appreciate what they do for us... we are kind hearted not cold hearted
• Singapore
16 Jun 07
We never throw away our left over food. It would be a pity to waste perfectly good food. Instead we'd keep them in the fridge and then fry them together with rice the next day. Fried rice is always great! :) At other times, we'd just heat up the food and eat it.
@kusmadi (128)
• Indonesia
16 Jun 07
No, I will give my food to servants only
@sissie44 (217)
• United States
16 Jun 07
I always put my leftovers in the fridge so when hubby gets up around midnight he has his snack:) If I have enough leftovers like tonight (chili) i will freeze half of it and leave the other half in the fridge. I try never to let food go to waste