My new thing

The computer - The computer that stands betwwen me and a cashout. You will not beat me! I will get that ten dollars if I have to make my laptop burn right through my life!
@Kurokage (548)
June 15, 2007 7:41pm CST
Well today is Friday and I've decided. Last friday I was on mylot 12 hours, from 8 am to 8 pm. And I think ill do it again! So what im going to do from now on is every Friday im going to do a all nighter mylot! In the morning Ill post how much money I made, and my record. last time i did this I made around 40 cents. That is horrible! This time I wanna see if I can hit the $10.00 mark in 12 hours!
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• United States
16 Jun 07
I hope you got a lot of snacks and coffee near buy :) lol
@yeenee (134)
• Malaysia
16 Jun 07
40 cents for 12 hours? This is really terrible! I have not heard anyone can hit 10usd in 12 hours. I hope to hear good news from you.
16 Jun 07
:)) i do this every friday, from 11pm to 3-4 am... don't earn much, but i want to hit the 10$ by the end of june, not in one day :)) just 4.27 more to go :) and i suggest you upload photos for every discussion you start or for interests... you get paid for them too :) all the best and if you reach the 10$ in one day please let me know, i'll try it too :)