Can you assess my dreams?

June 15, 2007 10:12pm CST
I keep on dreaming about my boyfriend when I was still in high school, we never had a break up because he transfered from other school, it was 1996 then and it all started year 2000 up to present, I still keep dreaming about him..and I don't know why..I have a family on my own now and he is still popping up on my, we still have each my dreams the feelings is so strong that he still loves me and i still love him....I've been searching from an answer because it's almost 11 years! and it still haunts me up to now.... I don't have any news about him since 1996....and I really want to know why he always visit me in my dreams?What is the real meaning of it.....?I want to know....I really want to know....
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