I am just ready to dump him...

United States
June 15, 2007 10:16pm CST
My boyfriend promised me for the past two weeks that we would alternate weekends seeing eachother when he moved 3.5 hours away from me for his new job. I have 6 months til I am done with school and can be with him. So it's his first weekend. I basically have had a bad attitude about this long distance relationship because I know how he is. He can be lazy and not feel like going anywhere and make excuses as to why he isn't coming. But he promised me that there would not be an excuse in the world a to why he would not come see me after our first week apart. I even went as far as to list off excuses that he could come up with like, "I don't need to pick up anymore stuff at my old apartment" or "I just got to town, I don't want to drive back" and every time I mentioned an excuse he coudl use, he told me NO and that he'd come no matter what. Friday comes along and he called me, sounding chipper at his first day at work. I think things are fine. He says he took a wrong turn and needs to hang up while he is lost until he can find his way again. 2 hours later, he logs in online...basically won't respond. He told me, "I forgot my apartment keys. There'd be no reason for me to come back this soon cause I can't get at my stuff." I was with him when he left his apartment and he had his keys. I went on to tell him that I saw him have his keys. Then he told me, "I forgot them at my parents place I'm not that stupid." I find out 2 hours later that he didn't "Forgot" he actually intentionally left his keys with his parents so that they could get into his apartment at any time to get the rest of his stuff. So basically I'm like, "seriously are you just wanting to break up because you aren't even trying to see me." He told me he doesn't. So then I said that I would either 1) pay for his gas 2) meet him half ways. Every time I come up with an idea he goes "brb" So then I come up with the idea that for the first weekend I'll come down there, stay with my sister and just visit him for the day... and drive back... then we can do it the next weekend so it doesn't seem like he just was up here. But now he shut off his phone. It'll take a few hours to get there, but it's no big deal to me cause I am always awake for another 5-6... But basically I have had a rotten attitude for the past month, feeling that THIS EXACT scenerio was going to happen. And the first weekend where he said he would come here, it happens. He told me he was tired of my rotten attitude and I said I had a right to feel this way because I was almost sure it would happen. And it did. Why would he sit there and tell me to have a good attitude and keep telling me he'll make this work, and he'll drive up here twice a month.. when his first weekend to prove he'll do that, he doesn't. I don't know what's going through his head. I don't know if he wants to end it and is waiting for me to do it, or if he's just realy that inconsiderate and doesn't even realize it. I am not a bad person. He knew I bought a new dress for when he came, and how I spent 4 hours cleaning my place... and I called him to see what he wanted to eat when he came and bought all sorts of groceries for our weekend together. He knew all this... and he just makes an excuse of "I don't have my keys" to basically make everything what I did for him not worth it. I want to end it if it's gonna be like that, but I've been with him for 6 years. I don't know how to break up with a person anymore. I don't know how to officially just not talk anymore. We play world of warcraft together. I am a guild master...he is the co-master. I am ready to just pass leadership to someone else and quit the game just to stay away. I don't know what to do, I'm just writing in a rant. Perhaps it'll get better. Perhaps next weekend he'll suprise me and come 2 weekends in a row just to make up for this. I know he was just in town, but this was the first weekend to prove he was actually gonna make this work. He told me he wanted to, and couldn't udnerstand why i had so many doubts. Well this is why... So I'm upset... the end.
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@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
16 Jun 07
Wow, you are really upset by the sound of it. Maybe when things cool down, you can really talk to your bf seriously this time. Well, if things won't turn out the way you expect it, tell him. Then if if gets worst, then dump him...I think that should be your last resort. At least you try every thing possible to make your long distance relationship work.
• United States
17 Jun 07
thanks. Yeah I was really angry and writing helps me out a bit. I think it'll get better, but we'll see.