Which show is better?

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June 16, 2007 12:14am CST
Which show do you think is better out of Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters? I'm sure we've all read or heard the accusations about Most Haunted being a big scam....but is that true? What i want to know is would you rather watch Most Haunted which is a show about trying to prove that certain places are haunted, or Ghost Hunters where a group of ppl try and dissprove the possiblitly of a place being haunted? What do u think?
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• United States
16 Jun 07
personally i think Most haunted is annoying to watch. they go into EVERY place believing that it is haunted..and that guy Derek (think thats his name) just about always gets "possesed". they have a whole big crew that follows them around so you just know that at least SOME of the things they hear etc. are from the extra ppl. I love Ghosthunters..cause they in trying to Disprove a haunting..and more often than not, they find the causes behind the "haunting". but for those times that they are unable to find a logical explanation..they stuff they have captured on tape and video is VERY amazing! i have yet to see Most Haunted actually catch anything other than some dust motes that they claim are orbs on camera. however, GhostHunters have caught shadow figures..that MOVED and it was not them making the shadow! they use that thermal camera, which is awesome! and theyve caught things on camera with that..not to mention some super creepy EVP's! give you the chills just hearing some of the voices they've caught. so my vote is for GhostHunters!
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• Australia
16 Jun 07
It's also funny to me how when Most Haunted catch an "orb" on camera they replay it at least 3 time in slow motion, where as the guys on Ghost Hunters usually dissmiss it straight away as dust :P I guess Ghost Hunters just aren't as desperate to get evidence as Most Haunted are.
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@Bizziebod (3526)
28 Jun 07
Most Haunted is definately better, especially their live vigils. I did prefer Derek to David though feel Derek attributed alot more and seemed to be better at picking up names and dates. I don't think that Most Haunted is a big scam, especially as both of their mediums that have been used are both well respected and I doubt they would put their reputations on the line for any amount of money. If people have watched the live versions, especially the better ones such as Pendle Hill and Edinburgh Vaults, then if these guys are acting they all deserve oscars, even down to the sound guys and make-up girls, you couldn't act a performance like those, especially when they get hurt or are scared. Those who have visited proper mediums and psychics personally and have had things described to them that no one else knew or could have predicted, then they know that there are some 'real' mediums and psychics out their who know their stuff. I've been to two of these who have picked out not only past events but future stuff that turned out to be correct. One even spoke to me with my late father and told me of an event that I had long forgotten, which could not have been 'guessed' at.
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@jsirois (54)
• United States
27 Jun 07
I definately like Ghost Hunters better. They are out there trying to find proof that there is something paranormal going on. With Most Haunted it seems like everywhere is haunted and the spirits are willing to speak with the pyschic guy. There just always seems to be "something" there or happening to make it plauseable for me. Hunters are a group of people with REAL equipment looking for normal explanations to paranormal claims. Plus Ghost Hunters has way hotter guys!
@andy0469 (139)
17 Jun 07
Out of the two I prefer Most Haunted, I know lots of people claim the show to be fake which nearly stopped me from watching it. I also know of the story that Dereck was revealed as faking it. Never the less I enjoy watching it mainly because of the locations they visit. I have a high interest in history and find some of the locations just fascinating. Take Chillingham Castle for example, if you live in the UK you must visit this place and take in your journey beginning at the old cast iron gates. Here you'll find that your journey was not wasted, you be engulfed into a spooky realm immediately. Well worth the visit just to see the rooms they visited and to see if you witness/feel anything. Thank you for starting an interesting discussion.
@aleeming1 (163)
• Canada
16 Jun 07
Most Haunted cause I have never seen or heard of Ghost Hunters.
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• United States
7 Feb 08
Well I like them both, not to mention A&E's New Paranormla Based TV show called, "Paranormal State", but if I actually have to chose, I'd have to say that it's "GHOST HUNTER's" & GHOST HUNTER's INTERNATIONAL" too! Why? Because instead of assuming that every place is actually haunted, the TAPS teams will always view everything with a sceptics eyes & will use as much Science & high tech equipment as they possible can! They also tend to use more Modren methods of trying to prove or disapprove hauntings, instead of using rather more old fashioned old ways like "MOST HAUNTED" does, (via....Table Tipping and ect....) Anyway, that is why I love the TAPS shows best! Thanks for posting! Take care! :) ~ SUE ~