How many of you having Yahoo Id as ur email

June 16, 2007 5:27am CST
hey i am an yahoo user.uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu people prefer to send mail using yahoo.
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• India
16 Jun 07
i use yahoo, rediff, gmail as my primary email ids and i love them coz they all are gud and yahoo is my pior coz i recieve all mails on my yahoo id
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@martinha (631)
• Portugal
16 Jun 07
I love yahoo and I use it a lot but for email I use Gmail. I like Yahoo service a lot but I'm used to use Gmail and I have no complaints about it.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
16 Jun 07
Well junk mailers prefer people with yahoo addresses. I have a yahoo address and most of the mail I get is spam. Their filter is not as good as the others, and they only allow a limited addresses to block and limited number of words to watch out for. The fact that you did not put your yahoo email address in your post shows it.
@santuccie (3375)
• United States
16 Jun 07
Hotmail was my very first e-mail provider, and I still have that old address (believe it or not). Yahoo! was my second, and became my primary e-mail until a year or two ago. Their spam filter doesn't stop spam with long, cryptic headers, and having the largest user database in the world makes them the biggest target for data mining. Yahoo! Mail also has problems receiving messages from certain places. Discovering that was bad enough, but even more distressing for me was trying to work around their omission of POP3/SMTP support. I use a desktop e-mail client. The only way I could enjoy this convenience with Yahoo! was to install a third-party courier called YPOPs!. It worked for awhile, then pictures started getting stripped out of everything I forwarded. I hadn't changed anything in Thunderbird or YPOPs!, so I contacted Yahoo! support. They stuck it to me. Gmail is my primary provider now, and I enjoy full POP3/SMTP support. Gmail also seems to be more "universal," and I haven't been missing messages lately (as far as I know). I use a third-party Challenge-Response filter now, and spam only exists in my memory. I still have my Yahoo! address; I use it as a honeypot for spam! :P
@farazkh1 (1157)
• Pakistan
16 Jun 07
I guess all of us who's having yahoo id also use yahoo mail because i have found Yahoo.mail to be the best e-mail client on the web because of its spam filtering and folder management believe me i love this feature on yahoo in which you can make hundreds of folders with different names and put your e-mail accordingly to access them anytime instead of another email clients which are not providing this facility ......... Therefore i have choosen yahoo to be as my primary email ........
• India
16 Jun 07
yes i have been using yahoo for the last 8 years and it s good and very convenient.
@mehpare (13)
16 Jun 07
I use yahoo and gmail mostly. For some reason, I do not like hotmail. It does not look interesting or appealing.
• Romania
16 Jun 07
I have 4 Yahoo IDs with 4 e-mail addresses. I only use Yahoo because this is the most popular e-mail provider and instant messenger from my country.