A3Union... DO you know why it is called A3 Union?

June 16, 2007 8:32am CST
A3 Union stands for ASSET ASSIST ASSURED. This site is very good. My initial investment has already matured after 7 days and I am still waiting for the 14 day investment to mature and be paid. This company pays thru e - gold and they really pay. Do you want to know more about details? Visit their site by clicking or copy paste this on your browser; http://a3union.com/?id=800023506 A3 Funds and investment scheme are as follow below; We offer four types of public portfolios. Each portfolio is being managed by a dedicated asset manager, a broker and a financial analyst. In case of combined portfolios, the assets are being transferred between the portfolios depending on the market situation. These measures guarantee safety and security of the portfolios and assets being invested. Take a close look at the Public Portfolios being offered and make your choice depending on your needs. Name Term Profit Total Return Aggressive Portfolio 2 days 1.6% 101.6% Classic Portfolio 7 days 12% 112% Combined Portfolio 14 days 28% 128% Long Term Classic Portfolio 92 days 200% 300% Aggressive Portfolio This fund is our special. We invest your assets only for 2 calendar days. Under the contract terms, we perform daily aggressive trades, even though these are high risk operations, we still manage to pay 0.8% daily for this fund. Maximum profit generated in 2 days - 1.6%. The principal is released in 2 days. Possible profit losses* - 0.3% Minimum investment - $5 Classic Portfolio This portfolio is an equal combination of day trading transactions along with low risk financial analysis. One of the most popular investment products A3Union offer. A daily fixed interest of 1.7% is credited to accounts cash balance upon the expiration of the term. Take a try of this low risk opportunity, and your principal and profit will be secure and 100% guaranteed. Guaranteed profit in 7 days - 12%. Minimum investment - $25 The principal is released in 7 days. Combined portfolio Depending on the current market trend, we manage to combine high-risk aggressive transactions along with classic low-risk short time investments. Principal released in 14 Days. Maximum profit generated in 14 days - 28%. Possible profit losses* - 6% Minimum investment - $50 Low Risk Classic Portfolio We invest your principal on daily basis into low risk transactions. This portfolio guarantees the profit of 2.17% daily. We manage to generate and guarantee 200% profit in 92 days. Minimum investment - $500 Individually Managed Portfolios A3Union manages and structures customized portfolios for large legal entity and individuals. These flexible portfolios range from globally diversified portfolios to concentrated daily traded portfolios is based on customers exact needs. All individual portfolios feature in customized monitoring, reporting, and communication. A3Union's individually managed portfolio programs are targeted at investors with investment minimums of $50,000. ___ * Depends on the profit generated, does not affect the principal invested. visit my link for more details. Thanks to all of you.
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@marie23 (37)
• South Korea
29 Aug 07
yes ive been a member of a3 union for several months. at first im getting my payments when i withdraw. but lately it seems that egold is not processing any withdrawals. i cannot withdraw and thier funds gets a lot higher now.