My own movie review

June 16, 2007 9:18am CST
Will Smith is known for making movies that is heart warming and very wholesome. This story is about a father who wanted to provide everything for his son and attain his dream, knowing that these will give him happiness. There are alot of scenes that is very touching in this movie, 1) the scene where they have to sleep in the subway comfort room 2) when he got hit by a car and lost his shoe, 3) The father and son chasing the bus and the little boy drop captain america, 4) Will Smith watching his son eating because he only have enough money for one burger. I guess the film is filled with symbols that emphasize the movie's core message, what is happiness? The pursuit of happiness according to the movie cannot be seen with the question why / "y" but with I or your own perception of happiness. That one learns to move and sway in life's challenges not because he has no choice but he has to, inorder for him to come out stronger and more knowldegable. That happiness cannot be seen in materialistic yearnings but in finding contentment in your heart.
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