Best books about motivation ? Help me..

June 16, 2007 9:35am CST
Do you have any recommendation for a book about motivation ? I was doing a research for books about motivation. And I just don't have any clue. Is Robert Kiyosaki also one of author that write about motivation ? I really confused about it. Care for helping out a hand here ?
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16 Jun 07
I like Maya Angelou. She's not really a motivational speaker, per se, but her writings are very motivational. She's a very wise woman who focuses on the true meaning of life and how to get the most out of life. She also focuses on being the best self you can be and in your relationships. I adore her; she's so wise and insightful.
16 Jun 07
other than the topic of Motivation itself, there are several adulterants also influence the effect of Motivation schemes or programmes - Life Long Learning Policy is one of many prevalent methods among developed nations taking measures to establish. I had posted a discussion a couple of days ago in respect of this Policy so you might be familiar with it to some extent, yet i'd like to tip off some of its lurking attributes which relevant to Motivation. The accumulation of knowledge, skills and competence are mostly acquired through educational institutions, workplace or very particular surroundings. These extra attributes people acquired could be utilised distinctively and most importantly, boost on earnings and productivity. Not to say a better lifestyle, motivation also kicks in as a result of better accumulation of these attributes. Self-motiviation is the most effective and efficient trajectory to give the people at work a boost in order to achieve higher goals and profits. the people encompasses either employers and employees in that they may all reap benefits in return if they put theirselves out to fulfil the life long learning commitments. as for employers, they may gain more proficient subordinates to work for them, regional growth, enhanced competitiveness,appealing reputation, competence of utilising new technologies(as they are motivating subordinates to acquire the skills on behalf of the firm etc); as for employees, they may simply gain the advantages as mentioned above and also promotion, flexible, employable and more self-confident at work (to be continued)
16 Jun 07
So what is it you doing again Jc? motivation for books? or motivation itself? I'm studying management and embarking in a very grateful pub restaurant as a bar superior on the side. therefore here is some more relevant books information and my own opinion in respect of Motivation: Holden, R., Smith, V., Devins, D., (2002), Lifelong learning in SMEs: a case study, The journal of workplace learning, Vol 14, No 3, pp 123-131 Anon (2002), Learning to learn, Training Strategies for Tomorrow, Vol16, No6, PP13-16
16 Jun 07
hi jc. first of all i want to thank you for responding my post therefore i'd like to show my gratitude by listing some of the good motivation books i've studied last year. second of all, sorry to say i have never heard of Robert Kiyosaki, sounds like an american japanese author however i live in Britian so there is a fat chance for me to find out who he is (cackling) here it goes: -Mullins, L.J. , (2002), Management and Organisation Behaviour, 6th Edition in Understanding and Managing People at Work An Introduction to Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, Peason Eduction Ltd. Topic 6, 'The Nature of Work Motivation', pp239-280 -Fulop, l., Linstead, S., (1999), Management - A Critical Text, McMillan Press Chapter 7, 'Managing Motivation' pp252-294 -Martin, J., (2001), Organisational Behaviour, 2nd Edition, Thomas Chapter 10, pp397-437 (to be continued)