How could you be sure if your contented to your life?

Happy family - having a good and happy family is everyones dream. but how could you say that your family is good ang perfectly happy if you feel like theres something wrong in your families life?
@micaella (396)
June 16, 2007 9:51am CST
I dream to have a good and happy family which i need to give up lots of my personal responsibilities in life i have when i was still single. I need to be with my own family now, where ever they go i should be with them and do my responsibility as wife and a mother. Thou me and my husband got problems we could say and I am still sure that I really love my husband even no matter how critical is our problem we still trying to make our kids feel that our family still a HAPPY FAMILY. But can you say that its ok and should I be contented to be plainhousewife and a mother to this family? In short, should i be quiet for not the one or letting my husbands family do all the worries, plan for our lives? even for my kids education? Should I be glad for that? Should I be proud foe having inlaws who is always there to do all the resposibilitites that my husband should do for us? I just only want to ask some advice to this matter...
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