Can you cross a river at Midnight and Alone????

Kottayam, India
June 16, 2007 11:29am CST
I always wonder when I think of this thing.I was returning from the cousins place after a party.On the way I have to cross the river.I had with me except the clothes I wore and a pair shoes. When I came to the river I thought of walking a little more distance to avoid river.Then in the middle of night walking alone and places unknown will be a dangerous situation.Then I have decided to swim across the river.When I started it was easy. When I came to middle of the river where there is deep I found difficult to swim across.since I have shoes and clothes in one hand with the other hand swimming.Then I thought to take both hands to swim, meanwhile the clothes become wet and shoes full of water swimming is like to climb over a mountain.Then one shoe gone into the river, I searched for it could not find.Then I let the other one also in to the river as with one shoe I could not walk. The wet clothes I put around my neck and could swim across the river, which is great ordeal in the midnight.Anybody gone through such situations please respond and tell your story Thanks
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