Do you brush you teeth first or wash your face?

United States
June 16, 2007 5:12pm CST
Wow I never thought there was a difference. People actually debate on what they are going to do first. In the morning, just when you wake up, do you say I am going to brush my teeth or am I going to wash my face? PEOPLE dwell on a decision. Funny huh? Some people even eat first then do these tasks! I know right eewww! But I think they believe you mess them up then clean them! HAHAHA!!! I guess the freshness of a breath might be important if you have a partner or last night's company or would a face with dry slob or crusty eyes be more attractive? I believe you brush your teeth then wash your face because of the leftover toothpaste around your mouth. Have you ever woke up and thought about what you were going to do first or do you just do it? I would like to hear about the mylots community's morning activities