What concept that you suggest on wedding day ?

June 16, 2007 10:04pm CST
My cousin is going to get married on September. I am so happy for her. The problem is, she is totally confused about the concept on her wedding day. She doesn't know whether it would be an outdoor concept or indoor concept. So, I am making this discussion to ask any mylotters members out there. What will you suggest ? What concept that she should take ? For anyone of you who already married, what concept that you use in your wedding day ? Care for share your stories with me, please ? Gosh, I never thought that getting married is going to be this confusing. I am not the one who getting married yet, but honestly I was getting confused seeing her like that. She make me like I AM the one that getting married...LOL. We are busy looking all those invitation card, and in the end of day there still not one that we pick out yet..LOL. We looked at those wedding decoration, and totally in confused state. They all soo beautiful.
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17 Jun 07
I personally have the grand misfortune of living in Las Vegas AND being broke, so all I can afford is the chapel at the Excalibur. I personally don't like outdoor weddings (and out here those are extremely expencive anyway) but they do tend to have a pretty atmosphere. Like in a garden with a vine-covered archway.
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18 Jun 07
Well it really does depend on the type of year she is getting married, and where she lives? In my opinion. NOW personally I LOVE outdoor weddings! I would LOVE to have mine outside during the FALL if I could have it my way. Even in snow :) but thats just my personal prefrence. I think outdoors are so much better if the weather is nice. Obviously you don't want it outside if it's too hot or raining out. In doors are ok too but Im more of an outside person. I also have a lil fantasy of runing away & doing it with nobody knowing. Vegas or something. HEll even Hawaii. Getting married on the Beach would be lovely hehe Im just rambling now! What does your cousin like? Is she out doorsy or more of a homebody? Whatst he weather like where you are?