Would you call the police, too?

@breepeace (3027)
June 17, 2007 12:32am CST
I just got back from dinner with friends, and on our way back to my house, we were driving down a major road when we noticed a guy walking right down the centre of the road in a very odd fashion, arms flapping, sort of stumbling and skipping at the same time. At first we thought he was dancing and being silly, but then it became apparent that he was either intoxicated or having some sort of drug trip. He dropped to the ground, rolling all over in front of the cars (we were all stopped), hitting himself and yelling. I immediately called 9-1-1, got through to dispatch and gave them my location and a brief description of what was happening. A few people had got him off to the side of the road so traffic could pass, and as we passed him he was hitting his head on the pavement, shaking his arms. There were about 4 people surrounding him, all on their phones, too, and my friends told me just to end the call to dispatch, since obviously the other people there were calling the police or 9-1-1, too. I disagreed with them, but was quiet about it. What do you think? If you encountered an accident or a bizarre situation like this would you call the police, too, even if it appeared other people were on the phone with them already?
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@superchook (1786)
• Australia
18 Jun 07
I would still have rang the police because you may be able to give them more information than other people, besides they may not have been ringing the police themselves.
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@farazkh1 (1157)
• Pakistan
17 Jun 07
Yes i would definitely call to police because it is our duty to provide protection any person suffering on the street but some people fears that if there could be something wrong then they will be asked question about the scenario so i totally condemn there ego which is against human values .......... so we must call immediately if find someone like this so our single call could save someone's life .........
@HighReed1 (1126)
• United States
17 Jun 07
I would have called. If they had more than one person reporting, they can just ignore the extra reports. And who's to say those other people were calling 911? They might have called their friends...who knows? If someone is wandering through traffic like that, there is something wrong. Either they are drunk, mental, or have a medical condition. I think it is always a good idea. The cops can pick up the person and get them where they need to go.
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• Canada
17 Jun 07
I definately would have done the same thing and if I new for a fact that someone else was on the phone with them then I would hang up but not before I knew for sure. Sounds like he was an epileptic or on a bad trip or something.