Have you ever heard of Faery Magick?

Janesville, Wisconsin
June 17, 2007 4:25am CST
Has anyone here ever heard or is a practioners of Faery Magick? I know there are many types, and practices within this catagory, please share. - DNatureofDTrain
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@maehan (1445)
• United States
19 Jun 07
I do heard of Faery Magick. It is just a gossip among colleague during our break. What I have heard is it is spells and potions for communicating and working with the fairies. Build a unique relationship the Fairies and it will lead to expanded awareness, enrich and enliven your life, and help you find the empowerment you've been needing. We also found out from internet that they come in all sizes, shapes, and types, such as elves, pixies, leprechauns, oakmen, undines, and satyrs. Some appear human-like, while others can shapeshift to any form they desire. This is what I have heard. So sorry.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
24 Jun 07
Thanks for sharing, and yes there are many many types. I had had encounters with them not realising that is what they are, I usually call the ones I see.. tiny orbs, as they is what they look like :) - DNatureofDTrain --------- BLUEBELLS - Fairies are beckoned to their midnight dances just by ringing these little bells. Represents kindness and most potent of all faery flowers.They are also called "warning bells" because to travel into bluebell glade is to find yourself in a place of concentrated faery magick and enchantment. PRIMROSE - Has the power to reveal the invisible. If you eat them you should see fairies. The pathway to the faery realm can be opened by touching a faery rock with the right number of primroses. BEWARE! if the number is wrong you may open the door to where you don't want to be. VIOLET - The violet is sacred to all fairies. Gathering violets in the spring will bring good luck and a wish come true courtesy of the faery realm. Source: http://www.psychicbozo.com/aaaaaaaa.html ------------- Faerie Goddess Aine http://www.open-sesame.com/aboutfairies.html http://www.silverenchantments.com/fairy-goddesses.html Faery Magick http://www.brigids-haven.com/bos/fae/magick.html ------------- Roses The scent of roses is a powerful attracting force to the Faery. Wear rose oil when seeking the Fae Folk. A rose water preparation can be made to bathe in before doing any rite of the Faery Wicca Tradition. It is traditionally made by taking 21 measures of rose petals and steeping them in a copper kettle with a lid. They should be left to soak for the space of full moon to full moon. This rose water can be used to scent the body and hair and as "holy water" in works of Faery Magick. A Recipe to See the Fae On a Dawn morn or dusk eve, find a special bottle, a pretty one the Fae would like that is. And pour into it 1 cup gathered spring or rain water 1 teaspoon of Pink Rose petals ½ teaspoon Lavender flowers Add 3 Quartz crystals Add 3 Amethyst Chips 1 pinch of Faery sugar (see recipe below) Nine inch piece of pink ribbon Now hide this away in a dark cool place for three days. On the third day, again at dawn or dusk, in a place you think you might spot the Fae, like an Oak tree, backyard or mushroom patch in the forest. Even a potted plant, herb or Flower will do. Tie a nine inch piece of Pink ribbon arond bottle neck. Next, close your eyes and sprinkle 9 drops over each eyelid of your “Faery Potion Water”, careful not to get it IN your eyes! Next recite this Faery incantation and watch for the Fae. refernces: http://www.moonsmuses.com/fae.html Fairy Names and Meanings, Girls and Boys Roxanne, Latin, Graceful Rose. Rusalka, Czech, Mermaid/Wood sprite. Sebille, English, A Fairy. Shaylee, Celtic/Gaelic, Fairy princess of the field ... http://www.fairiesworld.com/fairy-names.shtml ------------