Being forced to vaccinate my cat.

August 2, 2006 4:54pm CST
Recently, my mother was bitten by our cat and was treated at a clinic. They reported the incident to the Region of Waterloo Public health dept. Now, they are forcing us to have the cat vaccinated for rabies, which we cannot afford. Our cat is strictly an indoor cat and is never outside. She is never near anyone but my mother and myself as she is afraid of other people. She poses absolutely no health risk to the public or anyone else. My mother being bitten was a fluke. We think the cat was startled as she was sleeping with her head on my mothers lap and when my mother put her hand on the cats head, that is when she was bitten. The cat is an older cat and doesn't usually bite and I would like to know what our rights are concerning this. Do we have to have the cat vacinated at our expense, or are there exceptions. I don't think this is fair to make us spend money we cannot afford. I appreciate any help you can offer in this matter. Sincerely, Louise Rozand
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• United States
3 Aug 06
I think if you don't vaccinate your cat they can come and take the cat away, that would be terrible for that to happen. If there is a feed store for livestock in your area, you can buy the vaccination for $4-$6 and vaccinate the cat yourself. I hate needles and couldn't do it to my pets, but my sister in law vaccinates all the pets in our family. So if you are needle shy like I am, maybe you can find a willing friend or family member. Make sure the vaccination is for a small animal.