How many times you all brush ?

@K_Chawla (211)
October 24, 2006 4:46am CST
In a day i brush three times.
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@ekwits (510)
• Thailand
24 Feb 07
BRUSHING THE TEETH is real important. Most of the time if you don't brush your teeth cleanly, you would have like limestone between your teeth and gum ridge which also have bacteria in it, you need to go see doctor, if you don't you would probably get so many disease like having a pain in your bone, something like that. and when you brush your teeth, you need to be more relax without being impatient. toothbrush is also the one that important to clean up your teeth though. You should choose the one have a soft hair of teethbrush, and not too big for the teeth brush's would be easier to clean up your teeth, change your teethbrush every 3 months, and yeah brush your teeth 2 times a day! in the morning and before you go to bed. it's good enough! and you'll have healthy and stronger teeth =) beautiful too. Thank you, have fun and enjoy my friends!