my sister and I ...

United States
June 17, 2007 10:03pm CST
my sister and I were sleeping out in my Dads work shop one night and we were telling spookie stories - I told her one about these two sisters had just gotten home from a Movie and they had went to bed, lying there in the dark talking about the movie , the week past , dinner, what ever , when one sister got up out of the bed and started screaming turn on the lights, hurry!! the other sister stumbled accross the room and found the switch and flipped it, she turned and to her amazment saw her sister sitting there on the bed and her eyes were bulging out of her head with red veins you could see accross the room, about that time I felt somthing weird on my back, I had taken the hot pad before we lyed down and put it on my back with my robe belt holding it in place I could not get the belt undone to check out what was happening I yelled Cindy turn on the light hurry! she said somthin somthin-you turn on the light and ran out side, I found the light and turned it on-to find out that there was gum on the pad and it was melting I thought the pad was, sis came back around the corner and peeped at me with this gum all melted and everywhere and we both fell out laughing- Honestly this realy happened I had gotten the story I told her- from enigma of the poltergast a real spookie book.
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