do u love saas-bahu daily soaps

June 18, 2007 2:02am CST
i'll tell time bahut accha nikal jata hai
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@Ashgun (472)
18 Jun 07
Hi Siadreamz; I really hate that serial since it doesnt show anything concrete and real! Lets take the example of Tulsi; she has always been very honest, protective, always supporting the truth, helping others... well she has always been an ideal wife, bahu, ma.... but everytime she is always crying or people are always hurting her; only problems and problems in her life in general! Do you think thats true in real life? come on lets be a little bit realstic. In the virani family their are always some problems and no happiness. If ever they are celebrating and having a good moment; it always end up in some problems or so! Sometimes those serials directors should realise that they are making people becoming stupid with their stories and also its high time to put an end to that serial!