Do you like to travel alone? or with others

@mari123 (1862)
June 18, 2007 9:19am CST
I would rather travel with somebody, than travel alone. I am more happy if I have my friends and family's with me.. But with the exception obcourse, I want to travel alone, if I have a problem and I would like to go somewhere else that is more quite. so what is your view about this
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• China
20 Jun 07
I would rather travel with my honey or my family than travel alone.Travelling is so wonderful,I like it very much. In Januray this year,my honey with me have gone to Hainan together.We were very happy. Hainan is a land of China,and it has no winter.Everyday ,there is always full of sunshine.Of course ,besides the rainy day.When my hometown is still rather cold and wet,Hainan is in spring. There is so many beartiful seabeaches in Hainan.The sea water is very clear and fresh.You can enjoy the sunshine as much as you likes. My honey and I are very interested in tropics style and condition.We have taken many pictures in Hainan and tasten Hainan food.Of course,it is delisious. We enjoyed 5 travelling days at all.Everytime I go to travelling with my honey,we are always full in love and feel happiness.
@youless (95308)
• Guangzhou, China
18 Jun 07
I don't like traveling alone. It'll be sad. There is nobody can take photos for you and you can't share this happy trip with someone else. It'll be a regret. I like to travel with my husband, family or best friends. I don't like to travel with lots of people, four people is perhaps the maximum.