each flower has a specific meaning

@fazelath (1176)
June 18, 2007 9:27am CST
when you are in love the first thing u think of giving flower to your love,there is a deep connection between flowers and lovers,though now-a-days both men and women send flowers to each other there is no hard rule on the variety of flowers,but different flowers have a specific meaning attached to each, 1." lemon blossoms" means 'i promise to be true to you" 2. "orange blossoms means "you are pure and beautiful" 3. "peach blossoms means "i will be yours forever" 4. "acacia' means you are made for me 5. "zinnia" means "i miss you very much" 6. "cactus" means 'my heart burns with love for you" 7. "red tulip" means "i am madly in love with you' 8."purple lilac" means "i am falling in love with you" Rose is a beautiful flower,and it has many meanings,the meaning to depends on the number of roses to do any one know how many roses to be given for the first time,what does the number of roses denotes
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