Do you get much responses of your newly started discussion?

June 18, 2007 10:37am CST
Many mylotters get more than hundred of responses. While I could not get as much responses as other can get. How can I increase the numbers of responses I use to get in result of start of my new discussion in forum of mylot. Do you get as much as poular mylotters getting. If yes, then how is it possible to get it more and more?
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@bcl_me (583)
• Philippines
19 Jun 07
It is not really important that you get so many responses as long as you do not get aero responses...well I so not know either...I have also asked the same questions...although well like I said it does not really matters...but you should make friends in here and be nice to them as if you are conversing with them in the real world.
@mymytri (2032)
• India
19 Jun 07
well.I am getting 25-30 responses for each of my discussion and am happy with that reponses and some times if mine 69 from the past 20 days.I dont wanna get more than that because it is difficult for me to comment every response because time is a big factor and cant spend more time on this.... to get more responses your 1.discussion should be in interesting topic 2.You nedd exposure of your dicussion for this make freinds as many as possible.add everybody who answers to your discussion,add every mylotter to whom you respond i mean you need active mylotters.I have tried this and i got some decent mylot friends who always repond to every discussion i have started 3)and start discussion at evenings ..this works.many mylotters come to mylotting on evening after their work..if you get freinds who are always online you will be lucky ..try this and you can see good number of responses if you start really good topic.otherwise no use of making friends...
• Kottayam, India
18 Jun 07
In the beginning I have great difficulty in responses, now that has been changed, I am trying my best to put more vibrant and interesting subjects.Then more people will respond.
@speedy1279 (2667)
• United States
18 Jun 07
I wish I could give you some really good advice on how to increase the number of responses you get for your discussions. But I too have that same problem. Out of all the discussions I have started there has only been three that had a decent amount of responses (23, 24, & 30). The rest of them I am lucky if I get 10 to 15. So the only advice I could give you is to keep at it and try to start interesting topics that can be answered by a diverse group of people. Best of luck!