:-(,:-) or:-| ... what's your usual mood?

@shadow9 (238)
June 18, 2007 10:52am CST
are you usually sad althou you sometimes smyle? ... what makes you sad all the time? are you happy most of the time? ... is life going good for you? ... how come? or are you just anoyed ar indiferent most of the time? ... do you not agree with the way the world is?me i'd have to say that am mostly anoyed by the way the world is and everything thats going on ... the world is to simple! and especially ignorat most of the times ... and it's called normality my hope is that maybe one day the world would open it's eyes for a second and see whats truly out there ... from poverty to "there is more to life than that!"don't know ... is it just me? share your oppinions ...
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@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
18 Jun 07
I dislike being moody..meaning those who changes mood oftens;from good to bad,like sad,angry..i am not that type.im not happy all time,not sad all the time too.It annoyingb to see people changes their mood like if they are angry,forever they were being that and will took time to cure.Those sad and loves being emo too have this same situation.Its not about the world that going around,its the people in this world.
@shadow9 (238)
• Romania
18 Jun 07
yup, that's what i ment, the people but i used it differently ... there is always the base mood but sometimes when your out and really sad and someone makes a joke you can't help yourself and laugh because you like it but u still remain sad ... and there are also times when someone makes you feel better so u get from sad to happy or something happens and u just can't be happy althou you were before that