Why are so many people are selling their Gunbound stuff? Hello?! Legalities?!

@xenpen (90)
United States
June 18, 2007 5:11pm CST
I don't know about you guys, but what is up with all of the listings about Gunbound accounts and hacking programs that appear in myLot's ebay ads? I'm not one for cheating or buying stuff that I can get in the game by earning them myself. Paying for hacks is cheating. Buying accounts isn't necessarily cheating (you actually have skills to play the game well), but paying for something that's not hard to earn is ridiculous. Heck you can pay Softnyx/ijji for the items you want; at least it would be legal. The sellers should be ashamed. Selling the accounts is against the Terms of Service and is illegal. No one has a right to sell something they don't own, and no one owns their characters no matter how long and hard rhey play with them.
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@furion1 (274)
• Philippines
18 Nov 07
That's one of the reason I stopped playing Gunbound. It was one of my favorite games and I was pretty addicted to it but because of hackers and cheaters, I quit playing this game and switch to another one. Gunbound is such a cool game that I can't forget it. My friends say I'm a good player but sometimes some say I'm a bot. That's really annoying! Hope they'll stop spreading aimbots and cheats.
• Canada
16 Nov 07
and yes its violation i think
• Canada
16 Nov 07
yes its pointless