How long have you and your best friend known each other?

United States
June 18, 2007 8:44pm CST
I envy the fact that my mother and her high school friends STILL keep in touch. I've always wanted a lifetime friend. My sister and her best friend have know each other since elementary. One of my closest friends I met in high school and the other just before I started college. Hopefully we'll stay close forever. Long relationships are much better than constantly meeting new people to hang out with. You become like sisters/brothers. How long have you and your best friend been close how did you meet?
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• United States
24 Oct 07
I have known my best friend for 14 yrs.We can talk about anything.Shes been thru alot and so have I. But we are always there for one another.We see one another at least 1 time a week or more. We talk on the phone about the same if we both still have phones connected because of lack of funds. I also have a friend who is also dear to me that I met in 4th grade. I used to get picked on in school because we moved alot so I was an outsider most of my elementary yrs. Well one day the popsular girls were giving me crap and this girl walked up and stood up for me.We have been friends ever since. I am 42 and we still see one another but we arent as cloxse as we were in school because I quit in 10th grade and moved in with my b/f who was very abusive in many ways. She stood up as my maide of honor in our wedding but we didnt stay in close contact because of him. We still are close just not as close as school. We see one another in the store and talk and still give our friendship hug like sisters. We were always together when younger and so it does sadden me that we dont now but she works alot and I have a family also which I babysit my granddaughters alot so dont get much me time. Maybe some day we will be able to hang out and go to bingo sometime but until then I guess we will just have our occasional visit in the store.
@tellus (1443)
• Finland
19 Jun 07
hi CRNbread101! me and my best girlfriend have been knowing each other since wen werearound 10 and now we are over 30. so that's a long time.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
19 Jun 07
my best friend and i met when we were 5. we both attended a birthday party for a neighbor boy we were friends with. From that day on we were friends. We had our rough patches over the years, but we always came back together. We are both 26 now and have started families of our own. We live about 9 hrs apart, but we still keep in touch and are trying to get to visit each other a few times a year.