Unidentified flying object

June 19, 2007 2:56am CST
An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any real or apparent flying object which cannot be identified by the observer and which remains unidentified after investigation. In popular culture, UFO is often used to refer to any hypothetical alien spacecraft. The term flying saucer is also sometimes used. Reports of unusual aerial phenomena date back to ancient times, but reports of UFO sightings started becoming more common after the first widely publicized U.S. sighting in 1947. Many tens of thousands of UFO reports have since been made worldwide. Many more sightings however, may remain unreported due to fear of public ridicule because of the social stigma surrounding the subject of UFOs, and because most nations lack any officially sanctioned authority to receive and evaluate UFO reports.
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@luzamper (1360)
• Philippines
25 Jun 07
I think UFOs cannot be identified by those who saw but that could be identified of course by those who made it fly. The US have objects manually driven and monitored on ground and they know it because they cause it but when it is seen by those who do not know it, then they would say that that is an unidentified flying object or UFO. The US send satellites to spy, etc. and if seen by unfriendly country, it is obvious that the US would not admit doing that and so that remains to be an UFO. I don't think other planets send objects such as those. I believe in God and the Holy Bible as the word of God and God created man on earth, not in other stars (planets) which He created.
• Indonesia
22 Jul 07
but, are you ever seen UFO,? how this model.? what same at in film...?
• United States
19 Jun 07
I believe in aliens.....lol. there has to be something out there
• Indonesia
22 Jul 07
are you ever seen aliens?. how can you beleave with it???