people can protect earth

June 19, 2007 9:35am CST
wht u hv 2 do is dat. 1.plant more trees 2.avoid using anything that pollute air like smoking 3.don't use plastic in any nature. 4.try 2 clean the city weekly. i wnt more points n i want everyone 2 practice the good points listed above n below 2 be displayed.........................
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@mugzy528 (801)
• United States
19 Jun 07
Well I do all that since I live in the middle of nowhere I have Tons of Trees and live on the Bay and the Atlantic Ocean is on the other side of me about 6 miles away. I allways pick up Trash when I see it even when I walk on the Beach I allways Pick things up all the time. It is kind of sad that so many people litter anymore they dont care because they wont be on this earth to long but they forget about their Kids and there Kids Kids that will be here long after they are gone. Its not that hard to pick up a piece of trash and throw it in a can. But some People are just lazy like that. I Seen an old woman Jump into her car the other day and throw out a cup and a bunch of Trash on the Ground and Drive away so I went an Picked it up as everyone else Just walked by it. Have a Great Day/Night.
@yohyue (112)
• Malaysia
19 Jun 07
What we can do to protect the earth is: 5. May be we can establishing forest reserves. 6.Replanting(set the certain area tree that can be cut after that replant it back What we use to call it reforest). 7. establishing breeding centres for animal facing extinction.(Earth here to me means including living things). 8. implementing laws to prevent illegal trade in plants and animals. 9. implementing the national forestry and wildlife protection acts. 10.Develop to more advance solar cell system so it can be use to replace many source of energy the create alot of poison gases and carbon dioxide. 11. Use CFC free element so that we can avoid ozon depleting. 12. Receycling is one of the best wayt to re-used back the waste product at the same time reduce the pollution. 13. avoid exceddive use of chemical pesticides, poison and chemical fertilisers. 14. Heavy penalties for who break the laws regarding environmental pollution. 15. Control loggin, mining and contruction activities to prevent soil erosion. be continue.....