when does Strattera start working?

United States
@rowantree (1191)
June 19, 2007 10:01am CST
This is the second week my daughter has been taking Strattera. She was taking Adderall but after almost a month, didn't see any change so the doctor now put her on Strattera. He stated he didn't want to increase the Adderall because it would increase her anxiety and then stated that he wanted her to try Strattera because it would help with her anxiety. Why didn't he say that at the diagnosis? Then we never would have bothered with the Adderall. Anyways, she's been 25 mg capsule of Strattera for one week and this is the second week where she's now taking 2 capsules (50 mg) and this is her 2nd day of that. I realize Strattera takes more time to see a result, but don't know how long it takes. I'm worried because so far, I don't see a change at all in my daughter. What has been your experience with Strattera? Thanks!