when does Strattera start working?

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June 19, 2007 10:01am CST
This is the second week my daughter has been taking Strattera. She was taking Adderall but after almost a month, didn't see any change so the doctor now put her on Strattera. He stated he didn't want to increase the Adderall because it would increase her anxiety and then stated that he wanted her to try Strattera because it would help with her anxiety. Why didn't he say that at the diagnosis? Then we never would have bothered with the Adderall. Anyways, she's been 25 mg capsule of Strattera for one week and this is the second week where she's now taking 2 capsules (50 mg) and this is her 2nd day of that. I realize Strattera takes more time to see a result, but don't know how long it takes. I'm worried because so far, I don't see a change at all in my daughter. What has been your experience with Strattera? Thanks!
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19 Jun 07
Hi! My husband just started taking Strattera a month ago. Originally, he thought it was working, when he first started taking it. But throughout the month, he decided that it wasn't as effective as he thought. He's a welder, and needs total concentration at his job, and can't afford to lose his focus. His initial dosage was one 25 mg. pill a day. At his recent doctor appointment, she increased his dosage to one 40 mg. pill a day. He just started that dosage this week, so I can't say yet if it's been effective. He has adult ADHD. Good Luck to your daughter.
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22 Jun 07
Thanks and good luck to your husband as well!
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15 Sep 07
Do you not realize that it takes more than 2 or 4 weeks for one to see the full effect of these medications. Your doctor shouldn't be so quick to change meds. My oldest is on Adderall, after a month of seeing a little bit of improvements, but as the doc said "Not controlling the ADHD" my childs dosage was increased, then increased again. He is taking 60mg of Adderall a day and doing better than he ever has before, but I think he will be needing an adjustment again. My other son, who is also ADHD is on Strattera, he does well with Strattera. During the school year he takes 40mg and during summer 25 mg. He does only OK, as it doesn't control his symptoms well. Adderall doesn't increase anxiety in a child that is already experiencing anxiety. It may in all actuality reduce anxiety. find another doctor. Didn't your doctor discuss how long it would take to see the full effects of the meds. Some kids respond instantly, some it takes a while to see the benefits. I don't understand why the increased dosage so quickly. I would seriously discuss this with your doctor, or else you might find a vegetable sitting in front of the tv. Some tips for kids with ADHD...Avoid highly processed food, caffine drinks such as soda, give them a good healthy does of carbohydrates daily as weight gain is important, try to avoid foods loaded with food dyes. Stay calm even through the worst of times as it helps your children to maintain some control. ADHD is the lack of ability to self control impulsivity. Sometimes parents have to take the reins and control the child. Routine and consistency help. It helps the ADHD to wake up every morning and know that the same thing will happen this day as the prior days. Start with a good morning routine that doesn't offer time for the child to have distractions. After all things are done to get ready for school, offer than your child sit down and read a very good book, or do a puzzle, or something that they are really good at and enjoy. Every day, remind this child of your expectations, but don't put your standards to high or you will be disappointed. Find one thing that your child does ok at, then work to improve that skill. After that skill is mastered, move onto something else. Being a parent of ADHD children is a full time job in and of itself. Don't underestimate the child. Give the child encouragement and praise when it is deserved. There are many websites out there with a wealth of information on ADHD. It might be worth a look, because it sounds like your doctor is really playing a guessing game. Also, Adderall is more likely to work than Strattera and and increased dosage of Adderall should have been used. Just my opinion based on raising 2 boys ages 11 and 9 that have severe cases of ADHD to the point where specialized schooling is required and most doctors have never seen 2 children with such severe ADHD. Truly, I would find a very reputable CHILD PSYCHIATRIST, even if you have to travel a little ways. Because it sounds like your doctor may need a doctor himself.
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20 Jun 07
My son has taken so many meds for his problems...he now takes adderall. When he took stratera, he took it for one month and we saw no change so his doctor changed him to Adderall which has been wonderful for him.