This is sad!

United States
June 19, 2007 10:54am CST
Did you hear about the pregnant woman in Ohio who is missing? Her mother hadn't heard from her in a day and that was unusual. So she went to her house and found her 2 year old son there alone. Her son was saying that his mommy was in a rug. Then they found that her comforter was missing. They are assuming that whoever took her, carried her out in that comforter and that's what the little boy is talking about. How sad for that little boy to have seen that. I hope they find her alive. I remember that one pregnant woman getting killed and her baby being cut out of her stomach. The woman that killed her was trying to make it seem like it was her baby. Then the police figured it out and she killed herself. I'm hoping that's not the situation here. It just seems pretty suspicious since she's due in 2 weeks.
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