Calling all the conquer online players........i need your help

June 19, 2007 1:24pm CST
All my fellow mylotians who play the game called conquer online, i have a request to you all to please guide me in the game as i am new there. My screen name is "Dare". Your help will be highly appreciated. For those who dont know what i am talking about, then here goes the info about it. There is a RPG game called "Conquer Online" which can only be played online. Its a kind of virtual world where you lead your character to fight against the monsters and complete the quests. Basically the game is about improving yourself. You just have to become the best.
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• Philippines
14 Jul 07
i play this too.. if you want reply to my discussion and i will tell all my knowledge in conquer online and i will teach you some tricks and give you some tips
@dimaks (786)
• Japan
19 Jul 07
I also play this game for over a year now. Playing in colossus rhodes as a warrior, now lvl 126. not yet rb though. I want to get it to lvl 130 before the next patch then rb it to trojan.
• India
20 Jul 07
ok i got you guys......thank god that there are some mylotters there too. Well i am in the pharos under the name of dare...a trojan of lvl 70.....trying to lvl myself.
@Ravana (14)
20 Jul 07
hi all i play too on the ruby server as Ravana or ashmoneymaker
• Belgium
21 Jan 09
Hi, i played conquer online for almos a year, and my knowledge is very big im a lvl 123 trojan, almost full super, and i have never bought a DB with real money, and proud of that