Do all the victims get justice in courts? Do lawyers really the justice ?

June 19, 2007 2:02pm CST
The Law system in this world today corrupted to such a extend that if any body go to court for justice he cannot think whether he get justice or not. They are the game of money. If I have enough money I can get judgement in my side. If I am a poor , nobody is in my side, then definitely judgement is against me. Nowadays almost every lawyer works for money. Whether their client is guilty or victim, their duty is to save their client. It is all depend on how much money they have been paid. There is time to think for lawyers and court that they have to fight for justice only. for eg we can get lawyer for a person who killed many persons or gang raped many times or committed some major crime.every one know that he is a criminal. still that person will get lawyers to debate in his side. A terrorist who attacked to kill many peoplew ill get lawyers of our own people to spk in his favour. we have to stop corruption . Every one must wake up to fight agaist terrorism & Corruption
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