Sliding By

June 19, 2007 4:58pm CST
The world is a strange place. Those who don't deserve to succeed do and those who deserve, don't. The issue I've been dealing with lately is if we, who are the hard workers all realize that the slackers are getting away with the easy kind of life,then why aren't we doing anything about it? Is it because we are to caught up in trying to make up for the slackers that it is to just deal with the extra work then bother with the hassle of dealing with them? Why are so many people allowed to slide by while others shoulder all the responsibility?
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@Melda1 (44)
• Canada
19 Jun 07
In the end, everyone is accountable. Yes, sometimes we work at places where we seem to do more than anyone else. Our extra work goes unnoticed and usually unrewarded in terms of money. Griping to the boss doesn't help and we end up being resentful. What to do? Remember we work to live not live to work. Eventually the future catches up with everyone, and the slacking being done by some people will not be allowed to continue.