The Davinci Code

June 19, 2007 9:43pm CST
The DaVinci Code is a work of fiction.Why are people taking its claims so seriously?What is the harm in a fiction book like The DaVinci Code? Do you believe that the author,Dan Brown,has an agenda in writing this novel?If so.what is it? What might be some clues that the author has crossed the line between a purely fictional story and a propaganda piece?
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@klystron635 (1520)
• Philippines
20 Jun 07
I have read the Da Vinci code and I really think that it is purely fictional. Yes, you are right, there are some people who were bothered because of the novel. I guess the reason is because the story in the book is very sensitive. It's about Jesus Christ, it's about the religion. I think there was a documentary in National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel that explains that Da Vinci code is purely fictional.
• India
20 Jun 07
this is very childish of people dont u think so???why to get bothered so much wen it is mentioned that it is purely fictional???crazy people!!!!!
• Philippines
21 Jun 07
They are childish, in a way. But let us not blame them because maybe they saw something in the book or in the movie that made them realize something. They are only human and they are entitled to have their opinion. But the thing is, I guess they should ask first their parish priest before believing on such blasphemy.