do you ever get some advice from someone in life that you never forget ?

June 19, 2007 10:43pm CST
In life, we play lots of role , they are different ,but all the role are for ourselves. when you paly a role in life, do you ever get some advice from someone that you never forget ? I think I get that kind of good advice : Such as : " Never give up , you can won at last if you keep to do something. and you can won if you don't give up " --- from my father " Don't be self-contempt . you are the most beautiful girl and you always my best daughter , no matter what troubles you meet , you can come back to ask for help from me . and you are the only one in the world whoes name is xinjing( my Chinese name ) " -- from my mother " you might get nothing after your hard work, but if you don't work hard, you will never get anything " -- from one of my high school teacher. and something like this. do you have some advice you get from others you want to share ? that really helpful for everyone here.
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