Badminton VS Tennis

@Xienny (10)
June 20, 2007 1:50am CST
WHich Is Good For Health ? WHich Is Fun ?!
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@Corezz (1017)
• Netherlands Antilles
20 Jun 07
Well I think Badminton is for fun because it's more easyor and good for health to. Tennis is more of a competition betwen to people man or woman that strugle very hard to give the ball a high speed.
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
20 Jun 07
Badminton easier? not at all. As with any sport, playing it well is very difficult. I've played badminton competitions and it's as hard as tennis...i mean it's completely's like saying that football is harder than basketball, when they're completely different. Both are healthy too.
@derict (5)
• Malaysia
13 Jul 07
yah, i do agree that both are healthy ... In fact, most of the sports are healthy ... But tennis is more aggresive compared to badminton ....
@windhair (498)
• Germany
5 Jul 07
I would say both will do. But you can play badminton at about anyplace, but not for tennis. Anyway, it is nice to play all the games in the proper playground, that will give you much more fun.
21 Jun 07
I would have to say that both Badminton and Tennis is good for your health because they are both active. Now it is your opinoin which sport is fun. I prefer Badminton because it takes a lot of skill and agility.
@tolyme (305)
• Argentina
20 Jun 07
I don't know about health prospects of those game.I havn't played tennis but I like to watch tennis more than badminton.
• Romania
20 Jun 07
Both are good for health. In fact, nearly every sport is good for health if is done it well. In my part, i consider tennis more interesting than badminton. Tennis is certainly more popular than badminton. Tennis is more serious, because it s envolving a competition between 2 people (even if they are friends) and badminton is fun because it s generaly played with your friend to relax yourself. I suggest playing both because they re good for healh:)
• India
20 Jun 07
i think tennis better as it requires more vigorous physical and mental activity than tennis........
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
20 Jun 07
Both is also good for health , both is also fun but i prefer badminton more than tennis