Why do we make ourselvs misrable?

United States
June 20, 2007 11:08am CST
I have relised there are very few people who make themselves happy. This sounds funny but really are you happy, or are you doing what you have to do?I know mylot is helping me out alot with fulfilment, but otherwise My family barely has enough to get by. Needless to say, we have hardly any time to spend together. No time to watch our children grow, or evenenjoy growing old. We are middle class, and it's this bad. Imagine poverty! I don't understand how people can keep going on when they may be homeless, jobless, and sick. Living on the streets with nothing. In most cases something dramatic happened and broke these families, and now they can't get back on their feet. Yet they choose not to seek help. There are shelters, drug rehabilitaition programs, and alcohal reform programs. Which if only those problems were solved it would tremendously change the situation. Now if you can imagine "climbing the corporate ladder" so to speak. You get threw high school, to be rushed off to Harvard or some other outragously expensive school. It must be hard to have regualar relationships with family and friends. Then merely impossibly to marry. If you do you work all The time anyways. All that money siting in a bank somewhere while your dreams of happiness, go up in smoke. I understand that alot of people are happy with their life choices, and I am not referring to you. We know there are millions of people everywhere do things that literally make their situations worse.
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